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Purpose: The Memorials Team is an advisory group to the Congregational Council. Responsibilities: Receive suggestions as to potential use of memorial gifts and make recommendations to the Congregational Council. Generate a list of memorial gift possibilities. Oversee expenditures according to approved recommendations. See that gifts are acknowledged, and notice of … Read more…


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Purpose: To oversee the financial affairs of the congregation. Activities: Present to the Council a monthly review of income and expenses. Prepare/oversee annual congregational budget and budget recommendations. Manage congregational investments. Prepare financial forecasts. Review annual Audit report and make recommendations. Review insurance coverages. Maintain church relationship with financial institutions. … Read more…


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Purpose: Our church constitution requires an Audit Team be appointed annually. The team reviews all financial records monitoring deposits and disbursements. A written report is prepared and submitted to the Congregational Council. An Audit Team member’s term must not exceed three years.

WELCA “kick-off”

Quilt square - W.E.L.C.A.

We invite all women of the congregation to attend our covered-dish dinner and “kick-off” meeting on Monday, September 14 at 6:00PM in the fellowship hall. Come out to hear about the exciting programs we have planned. Please bring your favorite covered dish to share. Beverages and dessert will be provided. If … Read more…

Prayer Requests

The name of the person being prayed for, along with the name of the person requesting the prayer, will be printed in the Sunday bulletin (next available) for 2 weeks. The specific reason for the prayer request and contact information will not be published. (Note: Prayer requests received through the website are seen by web administrators, the church … Read more…

Annual Backpack Drive

Backpacks donated to Lutheran Social Ministries in 2015.

T H A N K    Y O U ! Our St. Mark family donated thirty (30) supply-filled backpacks to Lutheran Social Ministries of New Jersey in 2015! Your donation of a supply-filled backpack will help support hundreds of kids in our area who cannot afford the added expense of … Read more…

God’s Global Barnyard 2015

Thanks to all who contributed to God’s Global Barnyard! The Sunday school kids had a great time deciding which animals St. Mark would be able to purchase for families in need. We were able to buy the following: 6 Goats, 4 Pigs, 4 honeybee hives, and 12 Chicks.

Advent Community Garden

Young students from Sunday Church School tour the new garden.

If you would like be part of the Advent Community Garden team contact Michaela Artz at 584-8511 or PROJECT UPDATE: 11/10/14 – The parcel of land behind our parking lot was cleared of trees. 3/19/15 – A number of  St. Mark ELC members have joined ISLES so we may obtain expert advice, free seedlings, and seeds, as … Read more…