Gardeners, Carpenters, and a Plumber…

mural design
Sketch for garden shed mural by Ken Wilke.

Needed for Advent Community Garden

Bringing healthy, fresh produce to the needy in our community. Feed the body, feed the soul.


  1. Harvesters: Crops are harvested every Sunday afternoon (contact Karen) and Wednesday afternoon (contact Wayne & Marg).
  2. Home Grown Crops: If your home garden is producing more that you can consume, please consider dropping off your extra produce to the church on harvesting days.
  3. Watering: As the days get dryer and hotter regular watering will be crucial. You can sign up for one day a week or share a day with someone and do it every other week. Don’t forget to water the flowers!
  4. Carpenters: We have purchased gutters and spouts (for our rain barrels) that need to be installed on the shed.
  5. Weeding: Weeding can be meditative and done anytime.
  6. Planting: In June, summer crops will need to be planted in the spaces where the cool crops have been harvested. A date for this will be scheduled.
  7. Artist and painters: We will be painting the parking lot side of the shed with a mural and the words: “Advent Community Garden – Gods Work our Hands”. Youth, adults, and families can all help!
  8. Plumber: the faucet for the watering hose in the front of the building needs to be replaced.


Items Needed NOW for the Garden:

  • Shingles for the shed roof
  • Patio chairs & benches
  • Bags of topsoil
  • Harvesting baskets
  • Tomato cages
  • Painting supplies: acrylic/latex exterior paint, various size brushes
  • Cash donations also accepted!

Next Season’s needs:

  • Topsoil and compost
  • Lumber
  • Landscape fabric
  • Flowers
  • Cash donations also accepted!