Worship & Music

Worship & Music

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To oversee the worship life of the congregation and to administer the various organizations and activities that support it, in order that our congregation might be enhanced, enriched, and nourished, both personally and corporately by the worship experiences.


  • Acolytes: Light and extinguish candles, assist at baptisms and communion.
  • Altar Guild: Teams serve twice a year for a period of one month, changing paraments, making necessary preparations for communion and other services, cleaning and caring for the altar and its furnishings.
  • Bell Choir: Rehearses weekly (except summer). All ages welcome. Plays at Sunday or special worship services.
  • Chancel Choir: Rehearses weekly (except summer) and sings at one service weekly. Participants are welcome year-round or for special festivals and seasons.
  • Children’s Choir: Rehearses weekly (except summer). Sings periodically during Sunday worship services.
  • Communion Assistants: Assist the Pastor with administering Holy Communion.
  • Lectors: Assist with worship service reading lessons and prayers.
  • Cantors: Assist with singing the liturgy during worship service.
  • Ushers: Greet worshipers, distribute bulletins, receive offerings, and assist people to and from communion.
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